"When I think about the difference between this work and work we’ve done with other consultants in the past, I recognize that the EdEx team doesn’t behave like consultants. They behave like partners. EdEx has invested themselves in our success. They believe in us, support us with time, resources, skill and tough love, and will celebrate with us when we get there."

 Curriculum Director


"Our coaching session had such a profound impact on me. Thank you for truly listening when I needed to have someone hear me, and thanks for reminding me why I love my job so much."


 Lake Oswego School District

"The hard work from staff and exceptional coaching paid off. In two years of working with EdEx, the school state report card went from a 1 to a 4." 


Salem Keizer

 "I was struck by their ability to make the complexities of implementing a guaranteed and viable curriculum clear and compelling."



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