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Hear what educators are saying about their experience with Educational Excellence

Exceptional Coaching

The hard work from staff and exceptional coaching paid off. In two years of working with EdEx, the school state report card went from a 1 to a 4.

School Supply

Low-Stress Approach

Thanks for your positive, low-stress approach! I really appreciate how organized you are and that you got us started down this path for math!

Thrilled with Results

We really dug deep to figure out what the kids were doing wrong, what they were thinking and discovered the hold up.  We used that information to plan new common strategies and are thrilled with the results. 


Salem Keizer School District  

Middle School Teacher

Astoria School District 

High School Teacher

Beaverton School District 

Book and Coffee

Invested in our Success

"When I think about the difference between this work and work we’ve done with other consultants in the past, I recognize that the EdEx team doesn’t behave like consultants. They behave like partners. EdEx has invested themselves in our success. They believe in us, support us with time, resources, skill and tough love, and will celebrate with us when we get there."

Clear and Compelling

I was struck by their ability to make the complexities of implementing a guaranteed and viable curriculum clear and compelling.

Curriculum Director

Woodburn School District 


Beaverton School District 

Profound Impact

Our coaching session had such a profound impact on me. Thank you for truly listening when I needed to have someone hear me, and thanks for reminding me why I love my job so much

Quality Training

I think you all put on a quality training.  It is obvious that the person who worked with my group is an experienced teacher, I appreciate that.  I think this work is useful to me as a teacher.  

Writing on Whiteboard

Truly Productive!

This was truly one of the most productive, efficient, clear, fabulous work days I have had in all my years as an ELD teacher! It feels great to start the year with such a clear plan to build on. 

Elementary Teacher
Albany School District 

Middle School Teacher
Lake Oswego School District 

High School Teacher
Astoria School District  

Organized Desk

Mediate & Direct

I REALLY appreciated having a trainer there to mediate, direct, help us out--right away--when we needed it. 

Changed My Vision

This process was new to me and truly changed my vision of collaborative planning and gave a new focus on intentionally using data to drive instructional decisions.

High School Teacher

Silver Falls School District 

Assistant Principal 

Astoria School District  

Thank You!

Today was practical, and I feel like my feet are firmly on the ground. I am optimistic about making the unit maps more complete and stronger this year. 

Teacher and Student


I feel inspired for an exciting year ahead. Thank you for your energizing and engaging presentation! 

High School Teacher
Silver Falls School District 

Elementary School Teacher
Silver Falls School District 

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