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guaranteed and viable 

“The job of every school district is to make certain that supportive conditions are in place to ensure standards-based practices are implemented in every school, in every classroom, every day.”


“To ensure all district and school staff understand and implement standards-based practices, district and school leaders must commit to a system-wide infrastructure  of support that builds the capacity of teachers and monitors and sustain effective classroom practices.” 

                                        Scaling Up ODE EBISS 2015

Available Training 

  • Needs Assessment

  • Curriculum Mapping Including: 

    • Projection Map

    • Unit Map

    • Backwards Map

  • Map Audit and Verification 

  • Monitoring and Feedback of Maps

  • Walkthroughs for Standard Alignment and Pacing 

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“A guaranteed and viable curriculum is the single most important initiative a school or district can engage in to raise student achievement.

 What Works in Schools: Translating Research into Practice
Marzano, 2003

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