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Classroom with utensils

Classroom Coaching 

Classroom coaching for educators plays a pivotal role in providing teacher support, enhancing teacher practice, fostering professional growth, and improving student outcomes. By offering observation, personalized support, targeted feedback, and opportunities for reflective practice, coaching empowers teachers to refine their instructional practice and effectively address diverse learning needs.

  • Strategies for Classroom Management 

  • Demonstration of High-Impact Strategies 

  • Improvement of Instructional Practices 

  • Refinement of Teacher Craft 

  • Classroom Observation with Explicit Feedback 

  • Curriculum Planning Aligned to Standards 

Classroom Coaching 


You ladies have teachers figured out! You recognize and are sensitive to our anxiety, the tremendous workload put on us, and the expectations we put on ourselves. And through it all, you consistently show us respect as professionals.

Molalla ELD Teacher

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