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data teams and professional learning community 

Research shows that increasing collective efficacy -- a shared belief that staff can positively influence student outcomes through collective action -- can equal four years of student growth in a single year. That effectiveness, however, is too often stymied by interpersonal issues. Instead of enjoying rich conversations about student learning, instruction and assessment, leaders are regularly peppered with requests to handle team dynamics that have gone awry, and often face similar issues on their own district teams. Team Dynamic Training Sessions highlight key considerations and resources to leverage differing personalities, skills sets and communication styles to move teams from simply functioning to true collaboration.

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Team Process Sheet 

LOVE this training series because it reminds me of things that I need to do and CAN do.

I really like professional development that can be implemented right away in the classroom.

Honestly, I feel like every time you share information I walk away with useful, usable tips!

Angela Peery, Ed.D.

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