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Team norms, need and whys

Source: Swegle Elementary School, Salem-Keizer SD

Team needs posters (doc)

Tools for Teams

Team role cards

Printable cards (Word doc): Never forget the responsibilities for each of your team members with these small role cards.
Table tent cards (pdf): This set contains role cards for: facilitator, timekeeper, recorder, process monitor, data manager, and materials organizer.

Role cards with Team Process graphic (doc): Tight on space? This table tent has all roles, as well as the process visual for quick reference. 

Data team

Personality surveys

These surveys are good tools for people seeking to gain insight about themselves and how they function in a team. These assessments can help gain insight about your team and the ways it can function most effectively.

Team agendas

Black Box (Running) Agenda: This template will help teams keep track of activities throughout the school year. (Word doc)

Google Black Box (Running) Agenda: (aka Running Agenda) For Google-friendly teams. Be sure to make a copy before using.

WEDNESDAY Black Box Agenda! For teams that meet on Wednesdays, this black box has dates already entered for the 2017/2018 school year.

Secondary Black Box Agenda: For secondary teams (Google doc)

Google Whole School Agendas: Keep track of multiple teams with this web-based tool. Be sure to make a copy before using.

Team survey

The Woodburn School District developed this Google survey form used by teams to self-assess, using specific areas of focus from the Comprehensive Observation Form (COR)

COMING SOON! PLC Assessment Rubric (Google form) 

Walkthrough tools

Classroom walkthroughs are informal observations conducted by fellow teachers, administrators, or instructional specialists. They are used to provide teachers with constructive critical feedback aimed at improving theirclassroom management and instructional techniques. School administrators also regularly observe teachers as an extension of formal job-performance evaluations. We offer the following tools to support you in conducting these walkthroughs. We would appreciate receiving any that you find to be helpful. Please send us the tool, along with a brief description of its use. 

Team members at Grant Community School created their own Jeopardy! game aimed at increasing data team skills. Questions were derived from areas inconsistent across teams in practice or understanding and the Comprehensive Observation Rubric (COR) helped form questions and answers.You can use Grant's Jeopardy! game or create your own.

Team process sheet​​

The team process sheet (Google sheet)

Data team process review 

Source: Grant Community School, Salem-Keizer SD

This fun exercise will increase your understanding of the data team process. Click HERE to download instructions.