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Unit Mapping Quality Checklist: This checklist will help teachers and administrators review Step 1 unit maps, helping them guide next steps for improvement of the maps.  

Unwrapping standards summary (4:19): 
The fifth-grade team at Grant Community School in Salem, Ore., reviews the progress they have made in addressing all of the elements of the unwrapping process.

Step 1 artifacts: A fifth-grade team shares its process of working through Step 1 for a math module.

Digging Deeper

into Step 1 video training

with Jennifer Foster, Grant Elementary instructional coach 

Part 1 (30:14)

Part II (30:22)

Building the Language of Mathematics for Students: The Hood River School District offers a page of resources to help build appropriate math vocabulary for students.

"What if assessment was used to elevate learning rather than to rank students?" This blog entry talks about the importance of building a "growth mindset" into every student.

Deconstructing Standards Template: This simple one-page form offers an efficient way to unwrap a standard.

Unwrapping standards (lesson/unit design): This document provides an example of unwrapping standard RL.9.

Unwrapping standards template: This is the template used for the completed document above. It is best printed on 11x17" paper.

Keys to Quality Classroom Assessment: 

Rick Stiggins' five keys

to assessment quality

provide the larger 

picture into which

our multiple measures

must fit. Click on the

title for a

poster size graphic.

Designing meaningful CFAs: A chart looking at target-method match.

Comprehensive observation form: The rubric design of this form allows teams to look at their strengths and target considerations for next steps. Best if printed in color, two-sided.

Plan and prepare instruction (2:06)

An actual data team takes on the first step of the team process. This particular school finds it most efficient for their teams work in a shared space, so background noise is present.

Step 1: Plan and prepare instruction