Click HERE for the English Language Proficiency Standards: At A Glance 

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"Asking the right questions." This article describes how to ask high level questions to students with differing language levels.  

ELPS  progressions through grade levels: This documents highlights the increase in level of rigor as the ELPS progress through grade levels. 

GLAD ProtocolsThis resource from Education Northwest describes the key indicators for many of the GLAD strategies.

English Language Proficiency Standards

GLAD strategy list: Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) strategies are effective teaching strategies that allow all students access to content. Designed with English language learners in mind, these strategies are categorized to focus learning. This document contains a list of strategies; please consider your prioritized need and gradual release when selecting strategies from this list.

Convergence document: From Stanford Graduate School of Education comes this colorful Venn diagram illustrating how the standards for different content areas are related.

Click HERE for a pdf of the English Language Proficiency Standards

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