Confederation of Oregon School Administrators

Assessment Plan Template: Much like a baker uses a recipe, teams should use an assessment plan to ensure that the right quantity, question types and weighting end up on their assessment. This tool helps scaffold teams through the process.

Classroom Assessment for Student Learning (CASL) Study Group Suggestions: Developed by the Educational Excellence Group, this one-page Word document offers tips on studying the Classroom Assessment for Student Learning (CASL) book by Rick Stiggins.

Classroom Formative Assessment resources

Target Method Match Grid: Knowing that the assessment method must match the target type, this helpful tool simplified from the CASL version should be in the hands of teams as they make decisions about how to create or modify an assessment.

10 Tips for Writing Common Formative Assessments: This blog entry from the Center for Teaching Quality offers a synthesis of tips from the Common Formative Assessment book by Kim Bailey and Chris Jakicic.