Session resources

  • Scott Drue, Principal, Aloha-Huber Park Elementary,

          Beaverton School District

  • Alfonso Giardiello, Assistant Principal, Aloha-Huber Park
  • Ali Hurd, Consultant, Educational Excellence
  • Missi Thurman, Consultant, Educational Excellence


Every student deserves a chance at success, but that is easier said than done when working with a diverse student population. Teaching culturally diverse learners requires school leadership to invest significant time and effort supporting staff as they build a strong core that guarantees equitable access to all standards, for all students. In this interactive session, district leaders will hear from school leaders about the conditions for successful implementation of organizational change, typically done at a district level, that can be scaled up to meet the needs of highly diverse school communities. The workshop highlights clear, specific steps and resources to achieving this outcome through curriculum mapping work being done in a culturally diverse environment: a school with both English-only and two way-immersion classrooms. Aloha-Huber Park of the Beaverton School District knew that improving core would have the greatest impact and further guarantee equitable access to all standards, for all students, including language considerations. The session will be moderated by consultants from Educational Excellence, who have partnered with AHP in this journey and will provide context on the process as well as point participants to available resources. Bring your questions, challenges, ideas and listen to the voices of those who are taking this critical step –– and actually making it work for them, and most importantly, for their students – ALL of their students!

2019 Statewide English Learners Alliance Conference

2019 OACOA/OASE/OASBO Winter Conference in Salishan

Confederation of Oregon School Administrators

Friday, Jan. 25, 11:15 a.m., Council House C

For registration details, visit the COSA page here.

Breakout session

Thursday, March 14

2:50 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Hotel Eugene • Vistas Room

"Come Hell AND High Water:

Access for All Learners in Tumultuous Times"

When implementing culturally responsive practices into the way in which we educate diverse learners, we need to start with access. Ensuring a guaranteed and viable curriculum is the first step in closing the achievement gap by providing access to ALL the standards, to ALL students, and in the appropriate language.We are then able to use the full data team process to meet the needs of the students that historically and continually fall through the cracks. In this session, the Educational Excellence team will illustrate the why behind this work as well as explore the pathways into turning the theory into action.​

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Participant packet  
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Pre-conference workshop

Wednesday, March 13

1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Hotel Eugene 

"Responding to Student Need:

Aligned Instructional Strategies"

The Educational Excellence Team will work with participants to explore what it means to foster a responsive classroom for students of all backgrounds, including English learners. The workshop will be interactive in nature, engaging participants in reviewing some of the most high impact instructional strategies appropriate for ELs and determining which are the best to use based on student needs that emerge from the analyzing of individual student data. Participants will leave with the tools to look at student work critically, identify and prioritize needs and connect that to an instructional strategy that will have the most impact.

Presentation slides  (Google link)

Participant packet  (500KB pdf)