Confederation of Oregon School Administrators

Wednesday, Aug. 1

Pre-conference session 

Thursday, Aug. 8
Breakout session

​3:15-4:15 p.m.

"Intro to Pre-Assessment:

Not Just Apples to Apples"


   Presentation slides (Google link)

   Participant packet (300KB pdf) 

EdEx presenters: ​Missi Thurman, Ali Hurd, Meagan Kimball, Andrea Sande

Session description: Pre-assessment can be a powerful tool for gathering actionable information about students, but only if done correctly. Too often these assessments yield results that simply confirm what the teacher predicted – that students don’t know the content YET. Pre- assessments full of “IDK” and zero percent scores are a frustrating use of time for all stakeholders and an unnecessary emotional drain for students. This session will explore the shifts in design and use of pre-assessments that are needed to impact teacher practice and expedite student achievement. Participants will leave with an understanding of changes in assessment best practices as well as specific suggestions for resources to create these types of aligned tasks. This session is recommended for administrators, mentors, coaches and teachers. 

Wednesday, Aug. 7

Pre-conference session 

Bloch/Sousa Room​

2018 COSA Summer Teaching, Learning

& Assessment Institute


Presentation slides (Google link)

Participant packet (600KB pdf)

Grade 5 projection map (200KB pdf)

Team process sheet (400KB pdf)

Grade 5 Core plan (100KB pdf)

Student assessments (2.7MB pdf)

EdEx presenters: 

Missi Thurman, Ali Hurd, Meagan Kimball, Andrea Sande

Session description: ​This active workshop delves deep into a process that helps educators at all levels better understand how to move toward guaranteed and viable curriculum via the Common Core State Standards and how to measure student learning by creating and using meaningful classroom assessments.  During this guided practice session, participants will utilize a structured Data Team process and a set of actual student work to plan and differentiate instruction. We will utilize key tools of the trade that support reflective practices and provide tips for implementation. Bring your teams! Districts should come with directors, principals, lead teachers, team facilitators and new staff.  This session is highly recommended for:

  • Staff struggling to gain efficiency in executing the steps of the data team process

  • New staff and administrators

  • Districts that need training without the hefty price tag

  • School board and community members who want to understand proper use of assessment data.​

2018 COSA Summer Teaching, Learning

& Assessment Institute

COSA's 2019 Summer Teaching, Learning 

and Assessment Team Institute