Confederation of Oregon School Administrators

2018 COSA Summer Teaching, Learning

& Assessment Institute

Thursday, Aug. 2
Breakout session

 "When Opposites Don't Attract"


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EdEx presenters: Missi Thurman, Ali Hurd, Meagan Kimball, Andrea Sande

Session description: Research shows that increasing collective efficacy -- a shared belief that staff can positively influence student outcomes through collective action -- can equal four years of student growth in a single year. That effectiveness, however, is too often stymied by interpersonal issues. Instead of enjoying rich conversations about student learning, instruction and assessment, leaders are regularly peppered with requests to handle team dynamics that have gone awry, and often face similar issues on their own district teams. This fast-paced session highlights key considerations and resources to leverage differing personalities, skills sets and communication styles to move teams from simply functioning to true collaboration.

Wednesday, Aug. 1

Pre-conference session 


Presentation slides (Google link)

Participant packet (400KB pdf)

EdEx presenters: Missi Thurman, Ali Hurd, Meagan Kimball, Andrea Sande

Session description: ‚ÄčThis active workshop delves deep into a process that helps educators at all levels better understand how to move toward guaranteed and viable curriculum via the Common Core State Standards, how to measure student learning by creating and using meaningful classroom assessments. During this guided practice session, participants will utilize a structured Data Team process and a set of actual student work to plan and differentiate instruction. We will utilize key tools of the trade that support reflective practices and provide tips for implementation. Bring your teams!