2017 COSA Summer Teaching, Learning

& Assessment Institute

Confederation of Oregon School Administrators

Wednesday, Aug. 2: Pre-conference

+ "Building Teacher Effectiveness"

Thursday, Aug. 3, Breakout sessions


Presentation slides (Google link)

Participant packet (300KB pdf)

EdEx presenters: Missi Thurman, Ali Hurd, Meagan Kimball, Penny Grotting

Session description: PLCs, Data Teams, PLTs, Learning Teams – whatever you call them, these data-driven teams can quickly become a source of real frustration for all involved. Well-meaning but unintentional misteps are often made in initial implementation, setting  these teams up for failure despite their enormous potential for improving student outcomes. During this session, we will take a deeper look at the reasons why good teachers sometimes hate PLCs and explore options for improving the culture of collaboration at your site.