Confederation of Oregon School Administrators

Now available!! TEAM PROCESS SHEET (Google doc)

Click HERE to get the fillable Google doc.  Be sure to make a copy of the file and rename it. 

The Data Teams Experience: A Guide For Effective Meetings

by Angela Peery

© 2011, The Leadership and Learning Center

100 pages

Amazon link; Kindle version available

Transforming School Culture: How to Overcome Staff Division

by Anthony Muhammad

© 2009, Solution Tree Press

130 pages 

Amazon link; Kindle version available


2015 Handouts & Resources

by creating meaningful classroom assessments. Participants will examine how to use a structured Data Team process to design rigorous lessons that get to a depth of knowledge that students need to support their learning. Strong examples of how colleagues have successfully done this work will be provided. Bring your teams! Districts should come with directors, principals, lead teachers, and team facilitators.

The Educational Excellence Group was pleased to present two sessions at the Oregon Summer Assessment Institute.

Wednesday, Aug. 5: 
Generating Teacher Effectiveness: How to Improve Professional Practice and Student Learning

This workshop delves deep into a process that helps teachers understand the Common Core State Standards, how to use them to design lessons and then how to measure student learning 

ODE/COSA Oregon Summer

Assessment Institute

Thursday, Aug. 6:

Using Classroom Assessment to Improve Teaching and Increase Student Learning

Participants will build on their understanding of the Common Core State Standards to learn practical strategies for assessment that improve instruction and learning. Educators will strengthen their knowledge of formative assessment and examine strategies for using descriptive feedback and involving students in self-assessment. Participants will learn the principles of sound assessment design, and the instructional implications to prepare all students to be successful. Bring your teams!