Teacher's perspective

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Developing District and Building Leadership

to Support Effective PLCs

Presenters: Mickey Garrison, Penny Grotting

Session Description: Building and district leadership is vital to effective PLCs/Data Teams.  Learn strategies and effective practices from other leaders on how to provide feedback and to support your teams to work collaboratively in cycles of collective inquiry and action research to support the learning of each and every student.


Pre-assessment meeting

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Session resources:              PowerPoint (ppt 7.7MB)           Slides, note view (pdf 2.9MB)

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What’s Out There: A Comparison of 

Behavioral Feedback and Monitoring Systems

Presenter: Mickey Garrison

Session Description: A feedback and monitoring system can be a valuable tool in reaching difficult-to-teach students. These relationship-building programs are not one-size-fits-all solutions. This session will explore the essential elements of a successful feedback and monitoring system by objectively comparing and contrasting available resources. By analyzing a variety of monitoring systems, participants will better understand how these programs can help hard-to-reach students succeed, and will have the knowledge necessary to make informed choices about how to establish their own program.

Session resources:             PowerPoint (ppt 5.6MB)           Slides, note view (pdf 1.5MB)

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Leadership in action

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2014 COSA Fall Principals Conference

Confederation of Oregon School Administrators